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Physical Activity Foundation

Taqwa School Cycling Program

The Cycling program was all about getting together with our Islamic community and staying fit and healthy. We rode from Spence to Melba then to Lake Ginninderra, exploring nature. We stopped at the wastewater plant just behind lake Ginninderra and learnt about the water and how it gets recycled. During this trip, we learnt about teamwork and basic bike riding skills. We practiced balance, coordination, and built up our stamina. It was a great opportunity to get outdoors and take in the fresh air. We also learnt about bike safety and maintenance. We learnt the A,B,C’s of bikes and how to oil and fix the chain. 

Our experience of the cycling program was something to remember. We enjoyed and cherished the moments with our friends and teachers. We rode together and had so many different experiences together. 

These are our fellow teammates explaining their experience with cycling.

Daniyal Qureshi – I liked cycling because it was fun and great exercise, I would love to do cycling again.

Taha Abbasi – It was fun. I enjoyed cycling with my friends. If I had a chance to do it again, I would definitely.

Obaid Sohail – I liked going cycling because we got to go to the best long routes. I would like to do it again very much.

Abdullah Hassan – I like riding my bike. It was a great opportunity. I would want advanced cycling to continue.

Zayna – Cycling is fun, I liked it with the group of people and yes I would do it again, definitely.

Soha – I enjoyed cycling with everyone and I love how it was a free path so we could see nature, I would really like for Advanced cycling to go on.

Talib – I enjoyed teaching this program over two terms and I  still continue to receive interest for more sessions. A big thank you to Jolanta and the Safe cycling program.