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Ride Safely to School Week – Monday 28 October to Friday 1 November 2019

Term 4 – Ride Safely to School Week

Ride Safely to School Week has been developed to give schools the opportunity to reinforce safety messages around cycling while encouraging students to ride to school. Choose a day of that week to hold an event or do something for every day of that week! Here are some ideas for some school activities you could run in your school:

  • Organise a ride to school day – get some school teachers or volunteers to meet at Part Way Drop Off points and ride in together
  • Ask your school P&C to put on a healthy breakfast for riders
  • At your school assembly have a student or teacher do a brief summary about road rules and how they apply around your school
  • Get students to demonstrate the “ABC Tight Bike Checklist and Helmet Check” from the Safe Cycle resource at the school assembly
  • Hold a lunchtime bike ride around your school or set up a special bike riding track/obstacle course in your school grounds
  • Have a bike parade at your school
  • Hold a helmet decorating competition
  • Get students to bring their bikes in for a brief service – ask a teacher or volunteer from your school community who have bike experience to help out