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Physical Activity Foundation

Our Approach

The statistics on childhood overweight & obesity are not good – there’s overwhelming evidence from across the globe everyday about increasing levels of childhood inactivity.

Locally, the 2016 ACT Chief Health Officer’s report showed that 1 in 4 kids aged 5 to 17 years old were overweight or obese & just 19% of kids were achieving the recommended 60 minutes of activity each day.

Nationally, the 2007-08 Health Survey results indicate that 24.9% of children aged 5 – 17 years are overweight or obese. 25.8% of boys and 24.0% of girls are in the overweight or obese category.

So our approach to educate & inspire activity & healthy eating is a strategic one, which acknowledges local & international evidence, applies best practice program & campaign delivery, evaluates outcomes & makes continuous improvement in our delivery, complies with & leverages the strategic direction & framework of Government and engages with like minded Business & Community Partners.