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Workplace Activity Workshops

Our Workplace Activity Workshops are one hour sessions with your team, to talk about building physical activity into the working day.

Each Workplace is unique, although it’s common for all of us to be sedentary within the workplace. Long working hours and lots of sitting down during the working day can mean too much sedentary behaviour which can lead to overweight and obesity.

Participants in our Workplace Activity Workshops will learn useful information and tips about sedentary behavior and how to reduce it in the work place. They will participate in a group exercise to workshop a solution to their biggest barrier to being active at work, followed by a 15 minute ‘desk yoga’ demonstration.

If interested, don’t hesitate to email us today to book your Workshop and get your team active at:

Also, check out our flyer here:Workplace Activity Workshops

Workplace Activity Workshops – 60mins session $299 incl GST, Annual package with 4 x 60mins sessions $999 incl GST