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Resources for K-2

Safe Cycle Fundamentals for K-2 Teaching Resource

Safe Cycle Fundamentals for K-2 is a teaching resource intended to assist teachers to develop the fundamentals of cycling in Kindergarten to Year 2 students. It covers the fundamentals of preparing to ride safely, balancing, braking, starting and turning.

The resources below will guide you through teaching Safe Cycle.

Lesson Plans

Safe Cycle Fundamentals K-2 – Downloadable Lessons

Other resources

Safe Cycle Bike Game Lanyard

ACT Public Schools Risk Management Plan Template

Safe Cycle Parent Consent

Road Safety

As children and young people progress through developmental phases of learning, the ability to safely interact with the traffic environment relies on the learning and reinforcement of age appropriate content and skills throughout these phases.

Booking a Constable Kenny visit will support your younger primary students in their road safety journey.