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Online Teacher Courses

There are two online courses available to teachers on the Healthy Children’s Learning Hub – Ride or Walk to School; Safe Cycle Years 5&6  and It’s Your Move: Safe Cycle for High Schools.

The curriculum resource aims to increase the confidence and skills of students to travel actively to and/or from school. This online course will prepare you to lead your students through the Safe Cycle curriculum. Both courses are accredited for two TQI hours.

Information on online student courses can be found here.

Click on the image below to access the course.

Lesson Plans

The following Australian Curriculum aligned resources will assist you to deliver the Safe Cycle curriculum according to the year group you are teaching.

Road Safety

As children and young people progress through developmental phases of learning, the ability to safely interact with the traffic environment relies on the learning and reinforcement of age appropriate content and skills throughout these phases.

Booking a Constable Kenny visit for younger primary school children will support your students in their road safety journey.