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Physical Activity Foundation

About Us

The Physical Activity Foundation is a registered Health Promotion Charity based in the ACT and our goal is to reduce the incidence of sedentary lifestyle diseases in children.

We deliver free and exciting programs via the ACT Primary School environment, including the Active Schools Challenge and Ride or Walk to School

Our suite of programs has been developed to directly influence behaviour change and to teach children and their carers the health and social benefits they can gain from improving their quality of life through physical activity and active play!

Our particular focus is on inactive kids and the challenge is that most inactive kids either don’t want to be active, or can’t be, for one reason or another – some kids just aren’t physically cut out to be speedy and sporty. Others just don’t get the whole physical exertion thing – they’d rather exercise their minds, burn their creative energies or simply veg out. Others still are reluctant to join in physical activities for fear of failure or embarrassment.

Whatever their reasons, the alarming fact is many inactive kids are overweight or obese or at risk of being so. That’s unhealthy and unhelpful for them now, and potentially a serious threat to their long-term health and quality of life – the longer a child stays overweight the more likely they are to become an overweight adult with increased risk of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

Our organisation has over 9 years of direct experience in outcome driven program delivery and has specialist expertise in the fields of health, education, sports management, recreation program design, marketing and partnership management within its ranks.