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Physical Activity Foundation

Active Early Learning

The Physical Activity Foundation is currently working in partnership with four Canberra Early Childhood Centres to deliver an Active Early Learning (AEL) Program. 

The program focuses on training educators to deliver a daily physical literacy program by embedding activities into existing schedules and learning environments. 

The results from previous studies have highlighted significant improvement in children’s cognitive ability (concentration, comprehension and understanding), physical activity, emotional skills (resilience and emotional control) and socialisation skills (communication and friendships) important for children’s transition to school. It is anticipated that comparable results will be recorded within the ACT context. 

During the twelve-week program, the first two Building Blocks of the AEL Curriculum (Gross Motor Skills and Movement Education) will be addressed. 

It is hoped that the successful implementation of the AEL program in Canberra will build the foundation for wider implementation in the Territory, validate the success of the AEL approach in other states into the ACT, and lead to additional funding to ensure more children have access to AEL. 

Results will be released at the conclusion of the program.